From idea to finished rooms

Would you like to change your accommodation? Maybe renovating a room, kitchen or even the whole house? Fix a barbecue in the garden? We are happy to help with ideas / thoughts, free of course, so that your accommodation will be as you wish.


Everything starts with a book an initial meeting where one of our project hits you and together we will review your project / item. Already at this stage, we will make suggestions and ideas as well obtain your views and wishes. After the first meeting, we write a quote that you receive after 3-5 days.


Our quotes often contain a set price for our work, that you as a customer should not have to worry about unexpected expenses. Of course, we also offer variable price, which means that you as a customer billed current price / hour. The record is then always at least 1 time / week.

We are ready on time

Our offers include a fixed schedule with a start and end dates so that you as a customer of SBT should feel safe.

Quality assurance

We have developed its own quality assurance system that we apply to all our smaller projects. When we’re done, we will hand over a project folder with all documentation regarding off projects eg quality documents, proof testing protocol, color codes, etc.

We comply with applicable rules and standards

We always work in accordance with applicable rules and standards, and are using the construction industry agreements RO, Hantverkarformuläret 09 and ABS 09 which we use when we get hired. With regard to minor alterations / renovations, we have a proprietary agreement integrated in the quotation / order confirmation that we use.

This guarantees high quality and security for you as a customer.

For your safety is VI certified for wet areas as Byggkeramik Council and comply with their codes of conduct. Download the rules here: Construction Ceramics Council codes of conduct.


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