About us


How the idea for SBT was born:


Why should not you be able to get the same guarantee of your renovation / construction jobs in Spain as you get in Scandinavia?

With our experience of building services and with our wide network of contacts, we know that there is often a problem in the case of building work in Spain. There can be problems with language, vulnerable times that are not kept, quality or safety that is substandard and more.

Why should this be so? There, our idea was born!

With over 30 years experience in construction and financial sectors where the customer is always in focus, so we think that it seems crazy. Why should you as a customer is not able to get what you want, even in Spain, when you can get it in Scandinavia? Now that we have a united Europe, they should not be critical distances.

You should be able to get the same Scandinavian quality no matter it is a renovation of a room or a brand new property!

We offer solutions according to your wishes to your accommodation in Scandinavia and now also in Spain.

As our customer, you get

  • High Quality
  • Time guarantees
  • Careful follow-up


We work according to Swedish building standards with guarantees and insurance.

We give the same guarantee on your construction jobs in Spain as you get in Scandinavia.

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Welcome to Skandinavisk ByggTjänst.